Your commute made fun with the GSX-R125

Learner riders and those that prefer a small, economical engine are always smothered with choice with tons of different bikes trying to fill a gap - giving similarities to bigger machines and trying to offer riders that freedom that they crave. Suzuki decided to grant the wishes of riders aspiring to experience the premium, unique and groundbreaking performance of the best-selling range in the Supersport world. The new GSX-R125 promises to satisfies some of those cravings for real freedom and at an affordable price point, while offering that comfortable commuting economy riding - all in the same bike.

Just one look at the gorgeous body reflects those aspirations well, with sharp sporty edges while still providing comfort and locking riders in between the contours of the seat. The edged tank and sharp front give a mean approach, intimidating competition, while the humble tone make this ride appropriate for quiet-night rides through the town and weekend blasts through the countryside are just as exclaimed as you climb through the gears. With the best power-to-weight ratio and acceleration in the 125cc class, it's clear that the inheritance from the GSX-R range go far beyond beauty.

Powered by a DOHC engine that gives strong torque, exceptional fuel economy and accessible power to put riders in control of their adventure, whether it's battling traffic and requiring some low-down pull from each stop-start interruption or reaching the top end as you let loose from the restaints of the city. MCN even battled with the GSX-R125 and put it through a rigorous two-day thrashing to find the perfect L-Plate machine and the GSX-R125 comfortably topped their charts for the highest speed both on the road and the track.

Further down into the frame, you'll be straddling a comfortable and lightweight and compact frame that gives ultimate control through tight corners, making this ride feel even sportier than it looks. The low weight is key, giving you the confidence you need to put this machine to the test and tackle your rides without hesitation.

Want to see what the GSX-R125 is about?

We're big fans of the GSX-R125 and its gorgeous body and masterfully-crafted engine. Serious performance for L-Plate riders is something we can always get behind, but don't let the capacity fool you, this machine is far more than learner friendly and we believe even veteran riders could find their new home aboard the GSX-R125. If you're interested in learning more, you can click here to see the bike and its technical specification to learn more of the numbers, or if you want to, why not pop in-store and this see this machine for yourself? We're sure you won't be disappointed.