Blacked-out attitude with the Indian Scout Bobber

Fierce, bold, proud - all traits of the new Indian Scout Bobber and we admire every inch of the sharp frame of the new ride and we're sure you will too. Seriously packed with attitude with chopped fenders, a slammed stance and knobbly tyres, it clearly means business. Empowered by raw 94 horsepower V-Twin engine that unleashes a fearsome growl out on the street, bypassers will see and hear you coming with hesitation to remain in your way. Looking inside the frame you see the beauty of the carved engine, finely accented with a polished and raw metallic look.

The low bobber stance gives riders the feeling of being part of the machine, pressed into the slick frame as they conquer mile after mile of open stretch, whether it's the city or the motorway that you challenge. Don't confuse its muscular fighting talk for lack of dexterity and agility though, the Scout Bobber seriously presses through the boundaries of categories and offers riders control through the commute too - and who doesn't like turning up with a little attitude? 

Want to discover what it means to ride with utter confidence? Get in touch with our team today to discuss your options and you could be riding away on a new Indian Scout Bobber before you know it. Come see this model in-store too, where a member of our team would be more than happy to show you around and give you all the details.